Your Questions Answered

How Much?

See the prices.

How far will Carl travel?

Anywhere in the world. Travel and accommodation costs will be added for international performances.

What events and venues will Carl perform at?

The close up magic is tailored to suit any event and any venue. The cabaret act requires a decent performance space.

Can I see Carl's performance before I book?

We understand it's important to know what you're getting for your money. Most of Carl's shows are private bookings. The photos and videos on the website will give you a great taste as to what you can expect. If you want a demo performance, it will be charged as if it's a half hour show - See Prices Here.

Are the performances suitable for children?

The close up magic is for adults, but we know kids love magic too, so don't worry, they won't be left out. The cabaret show is aimed at adults only. That said, some older kids can be present at your discretion.

What if Carl is already booked on the day of my event?

We will take bookings until the day is full of shows, so if Carl already has a show or two in the diary, there is still a chance we will be able to fit you in for the time you require. Flexibility on your part always helps too. If Carl is fully booked on the day, we can still help. Carl has a list of fellow 'top class' magicians, who he can book on your behalf.

Why Magic?

Magic has become a very popular choice for entertainment for many reasons: A great ice-breaker for a formal event - Perfect for weddings to create an extra magical touch to a perfect day - A unique surprise at a birthday party - In-between meal course entertainment - A talking point at any event - A good magician will be remembered.

Does Carl have a facebook and twitter page, so I can keep up with his exciting news?

Why yes. Thanks for asking. The links can be found on the home page.

How do I book?

Simply fill in the booking form on the contact page. (Or phone, text or email) and Carl will get you in the diary, generate a contract and email or WhatsApp it to you. Done - Contact Carl now! > The prices are here <

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What type of performance is best suited to my event?

Close - up Magic

The close-up magic / strolling magic / mix & mingle magic is very popular for corporate events, weddings, charity balls, birthday parties and just about any other event. This type of entertainment in nonintrusive, so will not interfere with speeches or any other interruptions that may take place at an event. Close-up magic is super impressive and loads of fun. If Carl is mid-performance and a speech starts, the magic can just stop, then continue after the speech.

Parlour Magic

Parlour magic is a mixture of close-up magic and stand-up magic. This act is great for events where there are a small amount of guests, say around !ve to thirty people. All guests are sat around one table or are in one group. Carl stands in front of the audience, without a microphone, and performs some stunning close-up magic and impressive and fun cabaret style illusions.

The parlour magic is great for small birthday parties, corporate events and private parties.

Secret Room Magic

The secret room magic is lots of fun. Carl sets up in a small room, separated from the main event. a small group of about ten to twenty people are sent into the room and sat down. Carl performs some amazing magic to wow the guests. After ten minutes the guests leave the room without telling anyone what's going on in there. The next group are sent in and Carl repeats the act.
This is loads of fun and very popular for themed events and corporate events.

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